Marta Mezynska is a Polish artist based in Milan, Italy. She was born in 1981 in Białystok, in notheastern Poland. Today Marta lives and works from Milan in Italy. Marta studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where she graduated with a Barchelor of Arts degree in painting under the mentorship of Professor J. Modzelewski. In 2004, She contributed to scenography and traditions for theatrical shows and films. What unites her work is her distinctive architectural element. Marta Mezynska exhibitions were presented in the Milano-Expo FEEDING THE PLANET, ENERGY FOR LIFE for expositions in Fabbrica del vapore (M-WAM – MILANO WORLD ARTS MAP) held under the theme DETAIL in Teatro Nuovo (Piazza San Babila). The paintings of Mezynska reveal to the observer pleasant and intriguing surprises. Marta paints shop windows using strong colors and lively composition. Each showcase of Marta seems familiar, they capture the imagination of places that we might have been or we may have passed by. Inspired by Edward Hopper, She is focused on the details, the lights are precise and objects are sharp, hyper-realistic and at the same time melts into the dream. As she puts it herself: “Thanks to this, it often happens that by showing people the pictures of my paintings you cannot distinguish what is the painting and what is reality. “ Marta’s works are presented in private collections in Italy and abroad.